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OfficeQ is the most powerful QuickBooks data extraction utility available. It provides data for many reports that can't be extracted from QuickBooks using any other method. It has been sold continuously since 1997 and has thousands of satisfied users with real world field testing against over 30000 QuickBooks files - including files over 1GB in size. It is in wide use by business system developers, addin developers, accountants, consultants, and end users. OfficeQ is the export solution used by virtually every major accounting software vendor who includes QuickBooks data import functionality.

OfficeQ is the first and only product available that fully extracts ALL significant accounting information from U.S. and Canadian QuickBooks data files for all years of QuickBooks from 2005 through 2017 (previous versions of OfficeQ are available for QuickBooks versions back through 1996). It extracts data that other products miss - such as full payroll (current payroll subscription required) and full per transaction data including cost of goods. It also extracts data to a data model that is much more powerful and easier to understand than any other solution, especially for transactions - which comprise about 90% of most real world company files.

Recent changes to OfficeQ include much stronger support for Microsoft Excel. During 2013, we rewrote most of our sample applications to make them much more powerful using Microsoft Excel as the only extension.  You no longer need to be a programmer to get the most out of OfficeQ!

All normal 'list' data stored in the QuickBooks file is exported - including accounts, budgets, classes, terms, inventory items, customers, customer types, customer messages, jobs, job types, vendors, vendor types, employees, time records, payroll items, other names, terms, shipping methods, to do notes, etc. For details, see the fields listings at the left.

Also exported are all types of transactions in normal dual entry accounting form - including journal entries, transfers, checks, deposits, sales orders, cash sales, customer estimates, customer invoices, statement charges, customer payments, credit memos, inventory adjustments, inventory assemblies, purchase orders, item receipts, vendor bills, vendor bill payments, vendor bill credits, sales tax payments, paychecks, payroll liability checks, payroll year to date adjustments, payroll liability adjustments, and all other used by QuickBooks.

Now available is a free evaluation version of OfficeQ.  If has full functionality and no time limits - but only works with QuickBooks sample files.  Also included are our Query Editor and Microsoft Excel application to run queries and fill worksheets.  Goto:  http://trans.datablox.com


OfficeQ is implemented as an easy to use library that can be used with most Windows 7 / 8 / 10 environments. It ships with a program that creates a complete Microsoft Access 2000+ database clone of any QuickBooks file and a Microsoft Excel 2000+ VBA program that produce both a database clone and many reports not possible with QuickBooks itself.

The current version of OfficeQ is an open architecture library written as a simple, easy to install ActiveX Automation Windows library program with 8 API calls.

It provides full support for Windows QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise U.S. versions 2005 thru 2017 as well as Canadian versions 2008 thru 2017. Both single and multuser files are supported.

Although the samples we provide use Microsoft Access and Excel, OfficeQ can also be used to import data using any product that supports ActiveX, including:

  • MS Access
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • Visual Basic
  • MS Word
  • Generic VBA
  • FoxPro
  • DotNet
  • Delphi
  • Sql Server
  • PHP
  • Python

OfficeQ opens up many new opportunities for companies with accounting or software development expertise - or end users who need more powerful reporting capabilities.

Potential Uses

Business or accounting system developers can completely import data for use by other programs. Franchisers can use OfficeQ for calculating franchise fees (this is one of our biggest customer bases).

Accountants, consultants, tax preparers, and advisors can provide more powerful services to their clients. Hundreds of different reports can be created that are not possible with QuickBooks itself.

End users can increase sales and decrease expenses by taking maximum advantage of information that already have - but can't access through other means.


The yellow panel at the left contains links to documentation on the OfficeQ product. Complete data listings are also available there - broken down into 6 groups. There are also many links on our tech support page ../support.htm.

The Questions and Answers page provides more non technical information about how OfficeQ can be used, how it operates with other programs, what sample applications will be available, etc.


OfficeQ (retail) is licensed for use by a single person on a single computer - typically paralleling a QuickBooks installation. This includes use on a local area network (within the same locale).

Use over a wide area network (such as internet TCP/IP) or use where the QuickBooks data file has been transferred to the licensees computer using a wide area network requires a special license agreement from DataBlox. Email us at info@datablox.com if you have questions concerning this.

DataBlox also offers multiple license packs and unlimited distribution license agreements.

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