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This Information Last Updated: June 15, 2017

Summary of new developments: 

1/1/2017  - QuickBooks 2017 Support Added (all U.S. & Canadian - including Enterprise)

Mature release that supports QuickBooks 2017 and all previous years since 2006.  Fully compatable with all current OfficeQ versions. Has all functionality listed below.

.... missing several entries ...

12/15/2014  - QuickBooks 2015 Support Added (all U.S. & Canadian - including Enterprise)

Mature release that supports QuickBooks 2015.  Fully compatable with all current OfficeQ versions. Adds the ability to read previously saved .QQT files - which allows external programs to instantly reread entire datasets.

If you are a licensed redistributor of OfficeQ, you should have received an email with instructions on how to get the new release.  We anticipate having regular order and download releases with full 2015 support in early January 2015.

7/1/2014  - .QQT file export / import functionality added

Extracting all the data from a large QuickBooks file can take a long time.  OfficeQ now has a simple, well documented data format that can be used to save all the data - and quickly reread it for different purposes.  This not only speeds up development considerably, but allows QuickBooks file snapshots to be easily taken.  Multiple snapshots can later be compared or otherwise processed to detect differences.  This is much simpler and more reliable than any other comparison methods. 

12/1/2013  - QuickBooks 2014 Support Added (all U.S. & Canadian - including Enterprise)

Initial release that supports QuickBooks 2014.  Fully compatable with all current OfficeQ versions.

11/1/2013 - New Microsoft Access sample application

The original Access database application will again be available.  This has most of the the same functionality as the existing Excel application - but makes the data available to create Access reports instead of Excel spreadsheets.  Unfortunately, this environment does not make Excel pivot tables or pivot charts available - so it is less powerful.  It's mainly useful for people with stronger Access familiarity than Excel.

(Note that our Excel sample application uses the same Jet database engine and queries that Microsoft Access does - which is built in to the operating system with Windows XP and newer).

5/3/2013  - New evaluation version of OfficeQ

This has been our single largest request for several years.  We now have a fully functional, non expiring version of OfficeQ that is free and can be used for evaluation.  The only limitation is that it only works with sample QuickBooks files.  Almost everything included with the licensed version is included:  the core extractor, Excel application, Access application, and query editor / runner.  You can use it not only for evaluation - but for full application development.

4/1/2013 - New Transactions website with instant downloads

You can now purchase OfficeQ and download it instantly.  We have a new website that allows instant downloads after paypal purchase.  You can also download all files for up to a year afterwards, purchase discounted upgrades, and get free evaluations of new products.  Goto: http://trans.datablox.com

We also have the ability to custom quote any size 'packs' of OfficeQ copies for resellers and manage the purchase through this site.

3/10/2013 - New Microsoft Excel application

There is now an Excel app that (with the help of the OfficeQ core) can extract all the data from QuickBooks files, insert it into an .MDB database file, and query the database file several ways to create Excel worksheets as output.  This works with all Excel versions from 2000 through 2013.

Advanced Excel features (such as PivotTable reports and PivotCharts) are fully supported.  Get more detail at http://www.datablox.com/help/samp_exc10_intro.htm

2/16/2013 - Query updates schedule

We provide a set of over a hundred database queries that can be used to create reports.  These are divided into several categories - similar to categories of QuickBooks reports.  Many queries are included that retrieve data not available with normal QuickBooks reports.

Get an overview at http://www.datablox.com/help/samp_data30_queries.htm.

1/15/2013 - Revised support web pages structure

The DataBlox main website now has a single page (http://www.datablox.com/support.htm) that indexes all technical support material available.  This makes it significantly faster to find support information.  It's also much better organized so we know where to put stuff!

12/15/2012 - Query runner app added to OfficeQ

OfficeQ now includes a very clever side app for editing and running SQL queries against different databases extracted from QuickBooks.  There are 2 components to this - an app that is used to edit and run queries and a set of sample queries to start from.  The normal procedure is to find a query that's close to what you want - then edit and test it until it's complete.

There are over a hundred different queries supplied as samples.  You can quickly run any of the queries against any database. T he types of queries that are available are listed at http://www.datablox.com/qb/qb_queries.htm

11/12/2012 - QuickBooks 2013 Support Added (all U.S. & Canadian - including Enterprise)

OfficeQ6 (including full support for Microsoft Vista and Windows 7) is now in beta test - supporting U.S. and Canadian QuickBooks versions through 2013. This also includes the Microsoft Access importer.

In addition, some major new functionality is being added to OfficeQ6. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets will be able to be filled directly by OfficeQ6 - without needing Microsoft Access. Database data is first saved in 'Jet' database files. SQL queries can then be run which can fill Excel spreadsheets directly. This has been out most requested featued by accountants. We will also be supplying dozens of example queries that extract data not available directly from QuickBooks.

9/15/2012 - Revised record and fields documentation

OfficeQ exports data using a scheme similar to a database.  We updated the record and field descriptions to make them more complete.  See the new listings at http://www.datablox.com/help/samp_data20_tables.htm

If you want to get a quick overview of data stored by QuickBooks, this is a great place to scan.  The listings are simple and easy to understand.

7/1/2012 - Remote Upload Feature

In order to extract the most complete data (including full payroll and tax transactions), any QuickBooks extraction software now needs to run on the same end-user computer that generated the data. This has caused problems for internet based accountants or solution providers because they can no longer simply upload .QBW data files and process them.

OfficeQ6 has a new feature called 'Remote Upload' to solve this problem. An easily installed software module is added to the end-user computer that will extract the data, save it to a local (.QQT) file, then upload that file to a designated ftp or http site. This file can then be easily parsed and the data moved to any destination.

More Info / How to purchase

Our main web page for OfficeQ6 (http://www.datablox.com/qb/qboview.htm) contains more much more detail on the OfficeQ6 product.

Current pricing is $299 for full, new product and $149 for the upgrade if you have purchased any earlier version. You can order it and immediately download it from the following web page:


Commercial / Reseller / OEM Customers

We also have several new options for solution providers who want to provide OfficeQ6 to their customers. Email scottt@datablox.com with any questions.