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OfficeQ Sample Application - Microsoft Access  (QACC_CODEC.MDB)
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This sample application can extract all the accounting data from a QuickBooks file and insert it into an MDB database file. Queries can then be run against the data to produce Microsoft Access reports.

Three separate Access .MDB files are used as follows:

QACC_CODEC.MDB - is the main Access file containing program code. It contains code to extract data directly from a QuickBooks file and insert it into an Access database file - or to read data from a previously saved .QQT file and import it into an Access database file.

QACC_DATAC.MDB - is a 'default' data file containing all the QuickBooks data from a single QuickBooks company file. If you are only extracting data from a single QuickBooks file, you can use this to hold that data and avoid attached files. You can empty and refill it as many times as necessary.

QACC_SHELLC.MDB - is an empty data file that is cloned whenever a new attached file is needed. The clone is then automatically renamed to whatever name you specify and the data file is filled with data. This is how OfficeQ deals with multiple data files. You can have any number of data files - each hold all the QuickBooks data from one QuickBooks file. Each can also be emptied and refilled as needed.


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Software Prerequisites

This application requires the following to run:

Major Functionality Provided

This application provides user interface components and Microsoft Access VBA source code to do the following ...


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